Repeat Pattern

Repeat Pattern: Daily Routine Ink on Paper, 30” x 116.” Repeat Pattern: Daily Routine’s prints and line drawings documents the joy of repetition in the artist’s personal life- commutes, runs, errands, visits to a boyfriend, dinner conversations. The gesture of creating the artwork is almost as automatic as the physical experience it is depicting. Each […]


Forces of Nature

Oil on canvas 48×60”, Pen and Ink on Bristol 18×24”, Pencil on Drawing Paper 30×40”, Selected Performed Readings


I’m Not In Love/I’m Always In Love

Photolithographs, 30”x40”


C19H28O2/Narrative of Desire

India ink and pencil on paper, digital projection, 4-channel sound piece


The Viral Virus

140 Graphite on Bumwad paper, dimensions variable, 2 channel sound piece, speakers


10,000 Droplets Series

Drawings and Paintings