Tell Me Your Love Story

Cyanotype, 11×14, 2019.



Acrylic on Paper, 11x14in, 2018.


You Were Golden

97 pieces of Acrylic paint on silk, Site specific installation, 2018.


Plastic Pools/Look At What We’ve Done

Plastic Pool, Plastic fragments, Site specific installation at Rocket Gallery, NY
Micro Plastic Pool, Plastic fragments with vinyl, Site specific installation at Wayfarers Gallery, NY
Plastic Lakes, Plastic fragments, Site Specific installation at Art Lab Tokyo, Japan


Desire Lines

Gaffers Tape, Pen, Ink and Goauche on paper, 7×9in.
Artist Book, Pen and Ink on paper, 7x 50in, 2018.



Pen and Ink on paper, 7x9in, 2018.


Cross Paths

Ink on paper, 30x 116in, 2017.


Forces of Nature

Pencil on Drawing paper, 30x40in, 2016.
Pen and Ink on Bristol, 18x24in, 2016.


I’m Not In Love/I’m Always In Love

Photolithographs, 30x40in, 2015.


C19H28O2/Narrative of Desire

India ink and Pencil on paper, Digital projection, 4-channel sound piece, Dimensions variable, 2011.


The Viral Virus

140 Graphite Drawings on Bumwad paper, 2 channel sound piece, Dimensions variable, 2011.


10,000 Droplets

Pencil and Ink on paper, Dimensions variable, 2010.