Plastic Swim

Skills: Installation, Multimedia

Installation, Multimedia: 

Plastic Swim, Virtual Reality Experience, 7 min.

Plastic Pool, Site Specific Installation, Dimensions Variable. 

Plastic Swim  is an interactive virtual reality experience and pool of plastic waste consumed by the artist and her family in one year. The project juxtaposes a fun summer beach party with the North Atlantic garbage patch. In the VR artwork, the viewer walks on a New York City beach before swimming in a wondrous aquatic world dense with swirling plastic. Starr created Plastic Swim at the Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (TEAM) Lab at Harvestworks in Manhattan, studying under Independent Programmer, Danielle McPhatter. This installation virtual reality experience reflecting the impact of our throw away culture on the ocean.

To experience Plastic Swim on your smart phone (works with Google Cardboard or VR glasses) visit this link on your mobile device:


To experience Plastic Swim on your PC with your HTC VIVE please download these files: 

Plastic Swim Files