Plastic Pools/Look At What We’ve Done

Skills: Installation

Plastic Pool, Plastic fragments, Site specific installation at Rocket Gallery, NY

Micro Plastic Pool, Plastic fragments with vinyl, Site specific installation at Wayfarers Gallery, NY
Plastic Lakes, Plastic fragments, Site Specific installation at Art Lab Tokyo, Japan


Photo credit for Micro Plastic Pool, Ante Mag
Photo Credit for Plastic Lakes, Chikara Yoneyama


Plastic Pools/ Look At What We’ve Done is an installation of shard-like cut shapes cut from plastic bags.  The plastic bags are sourced from packaging waste that the artist has personally accumulated.  The work is a commentary on our throw away culture and a call to consider the environmental toll of plastics. The title references backyard parties but the incredibly dense accumulation of the materials draws upon imagery of the North Atlantic garbage patch. The artwork has a static energy that holds the fragments in place, but when the viewer interacts with the piece, tiny pieces may cling to them- a reminder that plastic is ever present and will outlast us.