Summer In The City

C-prints from Meredith and Dayna’s collaboration Are You There ? were featured as part of the Out My Window online exhibit with Brooklyn’s Art Gallery 118. The exhibit can be… Read More →

Are You There?

Are You There is a transatlantic collaboration between former roommates Meredith Starr, an interdisciplinary artist in New York, and Dayna Leavitt, a photographer in London, culminating in a series of digital… Read More →

Lost in the Weeds, 2021

Meredith’s interactive installation Plastic Swim will be on display at ATHICA (Athens Institute of Contemporary Art) in Georgia from April 17th to May 23rd. She is excited to have this… Read More →

Fall 2020

In the fall of 2020, Wayfarers Gallery sponsored two exhibits. The first-Ransom 2 was an Instagram specific collaborative online experience. Conceived and directed by artist and founder of Wayfarers George… Read More →

Quarantine Art Exhibits

Many exhibits moved to remote viewing opportunities during the shutdown of New York and the art world as a result of the Coronavirus quarantine. In March of 2020, Starr’s Tracking… Read More →