Artist in Plastic Swim installation wearing VR headest with Leap Motion Technology

Photograph by Patrick Moses

Meredith Starr’s artwork is based on data she observes in her personal life and an investigation of social issues. She fuses science with artifacts of our humanity, exploring themes such as desire, memory, identity politics and ecology. In Starr’s installations, she creates a multi-sensory circuit with an accumulation of marks or material and new media. She strives to create interactive moments in her artwork to connect with the audience and give visibility to hidden patterns around us.

Starr is a full time professor of visual arts at SUNY Suffolk County Community College and is a regional coordinator for the FATE organization. Her drawings have been published in Space Out: Memory and Tool Book. She is a member of the Wayfarers Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn and has shown internationally in cities such as the Hague, Hong Kong, and Seoul, and nationally in Chicago, DC, Pasadena, and New York.