Repeat Pattern

Repeat Pattern: Daily Routine

Ink on Paper, 30” x 116.”

Repeat Pattern: Daily Routine’s prints and line drawings documents the joy of repetition in the artist’s personal life- commutes, runs, errands, visits to a boyfriend, dinner conversations. The gesture of creating the artwork is almost as automatic as the physical experience it is depicting. Each mark brings satisfaction in reliving the moment again.


Repeat Pattern: Paths Worn

120 Drawings, Pen, Ink and Goauche on Paper, 7×9.”

Pole Check, Gaffers Tape, dimensions variable.

Endless Summer, video project, ink on paper, 40 x 60″.

REPEAT PATTERN documents the comings and goings. The lines are runs with your brother and your father, or by yourself. They are commutes, and visits to friends as a child, and ridiculously long car rides to see family because you love them and because you have to. There are lines that depict the joy of traveling to Costco and art school so often that you must really love to go there. There is a line drawn for the time you drove all night just to sleep in your boyfriend’s bed -another your walk with him for a burger and a Margaveza. There are forty lines for each early morning trip that you made with a bagel sandwich to the beach this summer and fall, until just last weekend. Amidst some of the lines are landmarks of mountains or buildings that are recalled with the inaccuracy of nostalgia. These lines are an echo of a map, an imprint of the body’s trajectory in space. They are inspired by Sol Lewitt and Gego and aspire to be a single line in a Muller or Frances Richardson drawing. They are single lines but are also an accumulation of marks in over 120 drawings that can be read linearly together. These remembered, repeated patterns transcend the relationship between your origin and your destination to revel in the routine. These paths have been lovingly traveled so frequently they’re your DNA, a tattoo under your skin.